Thursday, 26 May 2022


The Horse Breeds Expo has been a very successful exhibit for the Society- promoting the breed, winning prizes for best exhibit and raising funds to help the Society. Each year the Society asks its members to look after the stand. If you can help please contact the Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. replace the brackets and spaces with @ first though.



Date to be advidsed-pending Corona Virus restrictions.

The Commonwealth Clydesdale Horse Society Qld Branch ideally organises a day of training for members annually. This day of training is free for CCHS members.

The days training is aimed at all members of the CCHS and prospective members where knowledge and experience is freely shared amongst members.



6th June 2020 - at 109 Bichel's Rd, Prenzlau


CCHS Qld Branch Gelding Show – Originally held on its own as a separate show for two years in 2005 & 2006 then amalgamated with the Junior Championships from 2007 onwards.

In 2005 the Federal Executive determined to rotate the prestigious Max Fowler award for geldings around all the states and the Queensland branch was honoured to host this award for the first time outside its parent state. As we were having annual training days it was decided to expand the training days to include a gelding show and incorporate the Max Fowler award.

Our first gelding show was held in Caboolture in 2005 in conjunction with our training day and the Max Fowler award was won by Toby Barton with Eucalypt Park Chieftain. Due to the success of the gelding show it was determined to make this an annual event and in 2006 was once again held in Caboolture.

It was in 2006 that the Col Ehrich Memorial Trophy was established in memory of that well known Queensland Clydesdale breeder by Nicky and Graham Ehrich. As the interest of training days had also grown it was then determined to amalgamate the gelding show with the junior championships for 2007, so that the training days could be expanded and allow for a weekend programme over two days. The CCHS (Qld Branch) Inc then created the Junior Championships / Gelding Show.

There was no gelding show in 2008 as a result of impositions determined by the department of primary industries and fisheries secondary to an outbreak of Equine Influenza in August of 2007. The popularity and involvement in the Gelding Show continues to grow with the Junior Championships. Further information can be obtained by contacting members of the management committee.